Blue October en el Mendrugo Destacado


La Casa del Mendrugo


I’m just freaking fed up of being in the 10th, I’m freaking fed up of being in the 10th, So full of dirty buses,

what a bunch of losers spraying us with their smoke!

I’m just really tired of being in the 10th,

I’m so, so tired now to being in the 10th,

so full of nasty hookers, and cops and thieves looking someone to rob If you wanna see what you’re breathing come and visit the 10th,

If noise motivates you come on to the 10th, here you’ll see buses all filthy and junky just like old town style Yesterday I saw a few snobs walking through the 10th,

I imagine they were gringos as they all had the herpes,

They were really tanned and kind of dazzed for so much dirt and smoke LAUBURU: Federico de Zatarain Linares: guitarra y armónica; Roberto Aguilar: teclado; Fernando Meneses: batería; Aurelio Contreras: bajo; Francisco Ávila: voz.

"Still Rolling" 2017 Puebla, México.